Technical Detail

Technical Detail

Mesajgönderen osman_kültür » 21 Mar 2016, 14:16

Hello Sir,
I have two question about technical detail of our drone.

1) When the Drone start the second mission, can we add a special mechanism on it to take loads and drop them ? I mean, according to rules, can the transportation system be mountable ? We want to plug in the transportation system for the second mission, and for the first mission we do not want to use transportation system in order to complete first mission better.

2) According to rules, can we use two receiver-transmitter for the second mission? I mean, in the first task, there will be one receiver-transmitter and one pilot, but for the second part, first pilot will control the drone and the second pilot will control the transportation system in order to complete the second mission better and more stable. Or are we supposed to use only one receiver-transmitter to control both drone and transportation system?

Osman Kültür
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Re: Technical Detail

Mesajgönderen duran.mese » 22 Mar 2016, 08:27

1. You can. But make sure that there will not be any part/item loss during the mission. Please check the Competation Details about the issue.

2. There is not any restriction about the number of receiver-transmitter. But just one pilot can control all the system.

Good luck!
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