Further questions

Further questions

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Hello there,

in my opinion there are too many unresolved questions to write even a conceptual report at the moment. You should definitely concern updating the rules very soon. Here are some that come in my mind reading the draft:
Mission 1:
- Will the 3 colors be known before the competition or do we need to determine them on-the-fly?
- How should the matrices be recorded? Pictures? Char array?
- Will the gps coordinates of the matrix field be given?
- What material will the colored panels be? Are they a screen?

Mission 2:
It is not understandable what to expect from this mission
- Will the coordinates of the drop zones be give?
- Do we have to drop multiple objects?
- Do we need to detect something on the matrix before dropping?
- What do you mean by parachutes?
- ..
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